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The Winter Classic II Will Be a Tough Ticket? So Be It.
by November 30, 1999 @ 12:00 am (Category : Blogs )

Jul 23rd 2008 3:03PM by Jes Golbez (author feed)
Filed under: Blackhawks, Wings, NHL General, NHL Economics, NHL Fans
The NHL, not the Chicago Blackhawks or Wrigley Field, will be responsible for doling out tickets to the Winter Classic II next January. So, if you want good tickets to this massive ice party, set to go on at “holy shrine” Wrigley Field, you better be either …

a. Rich
b. A season ticket holder of the Chicago Blackhawks
c. A season ticket holder of the Detroit Red Wings
d. A season ticket holder of the Chicago Cubs

As “Cranky Blogger” George James Malik of opines, this event is more about the Hawks and Wings than promoting the entire NHL, as we are generally told it is.
I think that “this spectacular thing” is all about Bettman partnering with a former president of the Chicago Cubs to raise the national profile of the Chicago Blackhawks. If it was about “the fans,” it would have taken place in a much larger venue, and if it was about both teams, it would probably take place in Ann Arbor, where a 100,000-seat stadium would allow the average fan to actually attend the game.
Cranky blogger or not, Malik’s feelings are shared, or going to be shared, by a majority of the ticket-hungry public who will find it nigh-impossible to get a good seat, or a seat at all, to this big event.Continue Reading

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